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CAS 107-18-6 - 1-Propen-3-ol

Analyte:  1-Propen-3-ol

Alternate Name:  2-Propen-1-ol

Abbreviation:  1PE3OL

CAS Number or ID:  107-18-6

Department:  Organics

EC Number (EINECS):  107-18-6

Synonyms:  Allyl alcohol;Allylic alcohol;Shell Unkrauttod A;Vinylcarbinol;1-Propen-3-ol;2-Propenol;2-Propenyl alcohol;3-Hydroxypropene;CH2=CHCH2OH;Propenol;Propen-1-ol-3;Aaalcool allilco;Alcool allylique;Allilowy alkohol;Allyl al;Allylalkohol;Orvinylcarbinol;Propenyl alcohol;Weed drench;1-Propenol-3;AA;Alcool allilco;2-Propene-1-ol;Rcra waste number P005;Shell unkrautted A;UN 1098;3-Hydroxy-1-propene;1-Propenol-3-ol;Propene-1-ol;Propenol-3;4-Quinolinecarbox

Chemical Formula:  C3H6O

Apearance:  colourless liquid with a mustard-like odour

Melting Point:  -129 C

Boiling Point:  97 C

Vapor Density:  2.0 (air = 1)

Vapor Pressure:  17 mm Hg at 20 C

Flash Point:  21 C

Explosion Limits:  2.5 - 18%

Water Solubility:  complete in all prop

Stability:  Stability Flammable. Note low flash point and wide explosive limits. Forms explosive mixtures with air. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong acids, oleum, diallyl phosphite, metal halides, sodium hydroxide, tetrachloromethane, tri-N-bromoaniline, sodium, potassium, magnesium, aluminium. Polymerizes during prolonged storage.Analytical testing dots

Laboratory tests that may be available by ALS - Columbia for 1-Propen-3-ol (CAS # 107-18-6):

EPA MethodTest NameMatrixMRLInstrument
EPA 8260BVolatile Organic Compounds by GC/MSLiquid100 GCMS

More analytical test methods may be available for 1-Propen-3-ol. Please contact us for the latest available analytes and methods.

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