Aluminium (Aluminum) - CAS # 7429-90-5

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CAS 7429-90-5 - Aluminum

Chemical Name:  Aluminium (Aluminum)

Chemical Formula:  Al

CAS Number:  7429-90-5

EC Number (EINECS):  231-072-3

Synonyms:  Al;Aluminium powder;A 00;A 95;A 99;A 995;A 999;AA 1099;AA1199;AD 1;AD1M;ADO;AE;Alaun;Allbri aluminum paste and powder;Alumina fibre;Aluminium;Aluminium bronze;Aluminium flake;Aluminum 27;Aluminum A00;Aluminum dehydrated;Aluminum metal;Aluminum powder;Aluminum pyro powders;AO A1;AR2;AV00;AV000;C.I. 77000;Emanay atomized aluminum powder;JISC 3108;JISC 3110;L16;Metana;Metana aluminum paste;PAP-1;UN 1309;UN 1383;UN 1396

Appearance:  silver foil, shot or powder

Melting Point:  660 C

Boiling Point:  2327 C

Stability:  Stable. Powder is flammable. Reacts very exothermically with halogens. Moisture and air sensitive. Incompatible with strong acids, caustics, strong oxidizing agents, halogenated hydrocarbons.

Molecular Weight:  26.9815386

Alternate Names:  Aluminum | AL

Department:  Metals

Related Hazardous Material Name:  Aluminum powder, coated

Emergency Response Guide Number:  170

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