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A variety of analytical labs exist in the market which offer various analytical testing services. Some analytical labs are full-service, offering a wide-range of analytical testing capabilities, whereas, others may specialize in one particular test capability, such as a lab offering only drinking water testing.

ALS Environmental is a certified, full service chemical and biological analytical lab network. We take pride in our rigorous quality assurance program, state-of-the-art equipment, and tailoring our services to meet the individual needs of our clients. ALS Environmental recognizes that our continued success is based on our ability to satisfy client needs by providing high quality, cost-effective, and timely analytical data.

ALS Environmental maintains a variety of certifications and accreditations with federal and state agencies and regulatory programs, including NELAP. Current DOD analytical laboratory programs include: ACOE, AFCEE and NFESC. Our redundant certifications, instrumentation and trained personnel allow us flexibility to tackle large projects.

Our expertise encompasses air, water, biological, solid and hazardous waste analyses. Some of our special environmental lab capabilities include: ambient air analysis, indoor air pollution, low level sediment and tissue analysis, field laboratory services, ordnance analysis, and dioxin and dioxin-like compound analyses as well as cost-effective dioxin screening capabilities.

We provide complete services from project initiation to the final data deliverables. We offer a range of electronic deliverables (EDD) to our clients, currently supporting over 100 EDD formats.

If you are looking for the best analytical lab for your project, contact ALS Environmental.

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