Boiler MACT Testing

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Boiler MACT Testing Requirements

Starting in June 2009, the EPA is requiring boiler and incinerator facilities to conduct emission tests and fuel sampling as part of their survey to re-promulgate a new Boiler MACT (Maximum Available Control Technology) Rule.

The purpose of this sampling effort is to obtain additional data EPA believes is necessary to develop MACT emission standards for boilers and solid waste incinerators. Facilities will have only 120 days from receipt of the EPA letter to notify their regulator, complete the sampling and submit the results to EPA. With such a short time frame to complete the testing, it is essential to choose an experienced laboratory that provides the highest quality data with the capacity to meet your needs.

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Analytical Support for Boiler MACT Compliance

  • ALS Environmental is an expert laboratory for Boiler MACT Rule testing support. We have provided these services since 2005 and, through our sustaining membership in NCASI, have been active participants in that organization’s studies and seminars regarding MACT.
  • We provide non-field analytical testing for many of the target analytes required of stack testing including dioxins and furans (EPA Method 23 for dioxin and furans, EPA Method 26 for chloride and fluoride and EPA Method 29 for metals), can suggest alternative methods for analytes such as methane (TO-3M), and provide analytical strategies that will preclude repeat testing (ICP-MS for metals).
  • We support the full suite of the fuel analysis: chlorine, fluorine, metals (Sb, As, Be, Cd, Cr, Co, Pb, Mn, Se, Hg), phosphorus, BTU, and moisture.
  • We have sample grinding capability and compositing experience: we can grind, dry and composite coal, biomass, bark, wood or any other solids used for fuel, such as tires.
  • We can provide any deliverable format or electronic data deliverable (EDD) requested.
  • We understand the severe time constraints involved with compliance with the EPA’s request and will ensure that your final report is completed on time.

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