Bottle Holder Foam

Foam padding inserts for coolers are used for transporting bottle samples

Analytical testing dots Bottle Transport Foam

These specially-designed foam sheets help ensure your sample bottles are delivered safely to your testing laboratory. Four pieces of foam are used, one to cushion the bottom, two for the middle to hold the bottles (one of these is shown above), and one for the top.

It is specially designed for shock-absorbing, vibration-dampening, and cushioning. It is moisture resistant, reusable and washable.

The foam inserts fit a standard size cooler: 26”x14”x16”, such as Coleman or Igloo brand. The holes in the foam are an exact fit for specific bottle sizes. The foam has been tested and confirmed to not interfere with standard test procedures and does not introduce any contamination. View our Analytical Lab Report (PDF) for these foam inserts.

Analytical testing dots

    Cooler Foam Insert 2   Cooler Foam Insert 3

Common Questions

Q: Are the foam inserts re-useable?
A: Yes

Q: How do I use the foam inserts?
A: One foam insert goes at the bottom of the cooler, two inserts go in the middle which you put your bottles in (the foam holes is designed for a particular size of bottle and not usable with other bottle sizes). This middle insert is placed below the shoulder of the containers. Then you place a fourth foam piece on the top. The top and bottom foam inserts are the same item and size, so two of that item is needed, and two middle pieces are needed.

Q: How do I use these foam inserts with wet ice, gel paks, or bagged ice?
A: The foam is functional with wet ice, gel paks or small bagged ice.  Position ice to surround the containers.

Q: How do I clean the foam inserts?
A: Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry.

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