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ALS Environmental uses state of the art secure and efficient data management practices for data acquisition / archiving, data transfer, system security, use of EDDs (electronic data deliverables) and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). The following information explains the specific systems we use for maintaining a high level of quality and service.

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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Our LIMS allows for the control and management of samples, instruments, standards, and users. Our LIMS is an Oracle® Enterprise Database based system deployed via a Citrix Presentation Server farm. Our LIMS database and LIMS application servers are operated in a secure colocation in Portland, Oregon. This colocation arrangement ensures data accessibility and reliability for all of our internal users and external customers alike. All of our facilities access this across a MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) Wide Area Network.

The external Client Access System (C.A.S.) is passed information from file servers and our LIMS database server using the most current security enabled features. All information presented to external users of the system is read only, and external access to the database server and the remainder of our network is prevented.

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Data Acquisition/Archiving

ALS Environmental data is acquired directly or locally and then transferred to the centralized acquisition server. All data is moved to the centralized data acquisition server for reporting and archiving.

At a minimum, our data systems are backed up every 24 hours. Full system backups are archived twice a month and are stored in secure areas both on and off site.

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System Security

No public access is allowed to any of our local network systems. The LAN is closed for direct external access. Secured remote access for CAS employees is achieved via SSL VPN only.

Our internal network is secured using Windows Server 2003 Active Directory domain accounts. User accounts and password are required for accessing all systems. Network resources are secured using the most restrictive permissions possible. All of our internet gateways are secured using multiple layered firewalls. ALS Environmental has standardized on MS Exchange for email messaging. Our email systems are secured via anti-spam, anti-virus email filtering appliances. All inbound and outbound email messages are scanned for viruses, spam, and other malware. An enterprise-class anti-virus system is used to protect all systems in real time.

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Electronic Data Deliverables

ALS Environmental offers a myriad of electronic data deliverable (EDD) formats for both government and commercial clients. We actively support over 200 electronic formats for most in-house and national regulatory database systems. We offer a wide range of highly-customizable formats to meet almost any client electronic need with relatively short lead times from format definition to implementation at any of our laboratory facilities. Our EDD staff is fully trained in the formats they support and any associated electronic validation software programs which ensure a high-level of data integrity and contract compliance. In addition to final data electronic formats, we are able to offer electronic sample receipt EDDs as well.


Currently Supported EDDs*
ACOE (SPD Format)
ADAPT (various versions)
COELT (various versions)
EPA Regions 2-6 and 9-10
EQUIS (various versions)
EQWin (various versions)
ERPIMS (various versions)
ERPTOOLS (various versions)
EnviroData DTS v1.6
Environ SM PRO
FL Department of Environmental Protection
GISKEY (various versions)
JEMS 3.0
Naval Installation Restoration Information Solns
Navy Environmental Data Transfer Std
Navy Public Works Center
SEDD (Up and through 3)
SEDQUAL-Sediment Quality Information Sys
South Florida Water District
TCEQ (Texas)
U.S. Fish & Wildlife (ECDMS)

*ALS Environmental provides over 500 client-specific EDDs.

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