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EPA Method 114:

This method provides the requirements for: (1) Stack monitoring and sample collection methods appropriate for radionuclides; (2) radiochemical methods which are used in determining the amounts of radionuclides collected by the stack sampling and; (3) quality assurance methods which are conducted in conjunction with these measurements. These methods are appropriate for emissions for stationary sources. A list of references is provided. Many different types of facilities release radionuclides into air. These radionuclides differ in the chemical and physical forms, half-lives and type of radiation emitted. The appropriate combination of sample extraction, collection and analysis for an individual radionuclide is dependent upon many interrelated factors including the mixture of other radionuclides present. ecause of this wide range of conditions, no single method for monitoring or sample collection and analysis of a radionuclide is applicable to all types of facilities. Therefore, a series of methods based on "principles of measurement" are described for monitoring and sample collection and analysis which are applicable to the measurement of radionuclides found in effluent streams at stationary sources. This approach provides the user with the flexibility to choose the most appropriate combination of monitoring and sample collection and analysis methods which are applicable to the effluent stream to be measured.

Monitoring and sample collection methods are described based on "principles of monitoring and sample collection" which are applicable to the measurement of radionuclides from effluent streams at stationary sources. Radionuclides of most elements will be in the particulate form in these effluent streams and can be readily collected using a suitable filter media. Radionuclides of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, the noble gases and in some circumstances iodine will be in the gaseous form. Radionuclides of these elements will require either the use of an in-line or off-line monitor to directly measure the radionuclides, or suitable sorbers, condensers or bubblers to collect the radionuclides.

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