EPA Method 1320

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EPA Method 1320:

Waste samples are extracted according to the Extraction Procedure Toxicity Test (Method 1310, Chapter 8) and analyzed for the constituents of concern listed in Chapter 7, Table 7-1: Maximum Concentration of Contaminants for Characteristic of EP Toxicity, using the 7000 and 8000 series methods. Then the solid portions of the samples that remain after application of Method 1310 are re-extracted nine times using synthetic acid rain extraction fluid. If the concentration of any constituent of concern increases from the 7th or 8th extraction to the 9th extraction, the procedure is repeated until these concentrations decrease.

The Multiple Extraction Procedure (MEP) described in this method is designed to simulate the leaching that a waste will undergo from repetitive precipitation of acid rain on an improperly designed sanitary landfill. The repetitive extractions reveal the highest concentration of each constituent that is likely to leach in a natural environment.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 6

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