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EPA Method 14A:

Total fluorides, in the form of solid and gaseous fluorides, are withdrawn from the ascending air stream inside of an aluminum reduction potroom and, prior to exiting the potroom roof monitor, into a specific cassette arrangement. The cassettes are connected by tubing to flowmeters and a manifold system that allows for the equal distribution of volume pulled through each cassette, and finally to a dry gas meter. The cassettes have a specific internal arrangement of one unaltered cellulose filter and support pad in the first section of the cassette for solid fluoride retention and two cellulose filters with support pads that are impregnated with sodium formate for the chemical absorption of gaseous fluorides in the following two sections of the cassette. A minimum of eight cassettes shall be used for a potline and shall be strategically located at equal intervals across the potroom roof so as to encompass a minimum of 8 percent of the total length of the potroom. A greater number of cassettes may be used should the regulated facility choose to do so. The mass flow rate of pollutants is determined with anemometers and temperature sensing devices located immediately below the opening of the roof monitor and spaced evenly within the cassette group.

This method is applicable for the determination of total fluorides (TF) emissions from sources specified in the applicable regulation. This method was developed by consensus with the Aluminum Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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