EPA Method 160.1

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EPA Method 160.1:
Filterable Residue by Drying Oven. Official Name: Residue, Filterable (Gravimetric, Dried at 180 oC)

A well-mixed sample is filtered through a standard glass fiber filter. The filtrate is evaporated and dried to constant weight at 180oC.

This method determines filterable residue in drinking, surface, and saline waters; domestic and industrial wastes.

Methods for the Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes (MCAWW) (EPA/600/4-79/020)

(A) Mineral Waters: Highly mineralized waters containing significant concentrations of calcium, magnesium, chloride and/or sulfate may be hygroscopic and will require prolonged drying, desiccation and rapid weighing. (B) Bicarbonate: Samples containing high concentrations of bicarbonate will require careful and possibly prolonged drying at 180oC to insure that all the bicarbonate is converted to carbonate.(C) High Residue Levels: Too much residue in the evaporating dish will crust over and entrap water that will not be driven off during drying. Total residue should be limited to about 200 mg.

QC Requirements:

Maximum Holding Time:
7 days (MCAWW, Table 1).



10 - 20,000 mg/L

Sample Prep:

Precision and accuracy values not available.


Revision Number:
Issued 1971

Test Description:
Residue, Filterable

Instrument used for this test:

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At least 1 analytes can be tested by ALS - Columbia using EPA Method 160.1. Please contact us for all available analytes which can be tested by EPA Method 160.1.

AnalyteCAS Number
Solids, Total Dissolved (TDS)CASID10052

Examples:  8260

Examples:  Dioxin
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