EPA Method 160.2

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EPA Method 160.2:
Non-filterable Residue by Drying Oven. Official Name: Residue, Non-Filterable (Gravimetric, Dried at 103-105 oC)

A well-mixed sample is filtered through a glass fiber filter, and the residue retained on the filter is dried to a constant weight at 103-105oC.

This method determines non-filterable residue in drinking, surface, and saline waters; domestic and industrial wastes.

Methods for the Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes (MCAWW) (EPA/600/4-79/020)

(A) Procedure: Filtration apparatus, filter material, pre-washing, post-washing, and drying temperature are specified because these variables have been shown to affect the results.(B) High Residue Levels: Samples high in Filterable Residue (dissolved solids), such as saline waters, brines and some wastes, may be subject to a positive interference. Filters: Care must be taken in selecting the filtering apparatus so that washing of the filter and any dissolved solids in the filter (7.5) minimizes this potential interference.

QC Requirements:

Maximum Holding Time:
7 days (MCAWW, Table 1).



4 - 20,000 mg/L

Sample Prep:

Precision and accuracy values were calculated using interlaboratory data from EPA-managed Water Pollution (WP) performance evaluation studies.


Revision Number:
Issued 1971

Test Description:
Residue, Non-Filtera

Instrument used for this test:

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At least 1 analytes can be tested by ALS - Columbia using EPA Method 160.2. Please contact us for all available analytes which can be tested by EPA Method 160.2.

AnalyteCAS Number
Solids, Total Suspended (TSS)CASID10053

Examples:  8260

Examples:  Dioxin
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