EPA Method 17

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EPA Method 17:

Particulate matter is withdrawn isokinetically from the source and collected on a glass fiber filter maintained at stack temperature. The PM mass is determined gravimetrically after the removal of uncombined water.

This method is applicable for the determination of PM emissions, where PM concentrations are known to be independent of temperature over the normal range of temperatures characteristic of emissions from a specified source category. It is intended to be used only when specified by an applicable subpart of the standards, and only within the applicable temperature limits (if specified), or when otherwise approved by the Administrator. This method is not applicable to stacks that contain liquid droplets or are saturated with water vapor. In addition, this method shall not be used as written if the projected cross-sectional area of the probe extension-filter holder assembly covers more than 5 percent of the stack cross-sectional area (see Section 8.1.2).

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