EPA Method 205

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EPA Method 205:
Verification of Gas Dilution Systems for Field Instrument Calibrations

The gas dilution system shall be evaluated on one analyzer once during each field test. A precalibrated analyzer is chosen, at the discretion of the source owner or operator, to demonstrate that the gas dilution system produces predictable gas concentrations spanning a range of concentrations. After meeting the requirements of this method, the remaining analyzers may be calibrated with the dilution system in accordance to the requirements of the applicable method for the duration of the field test. In Methods 15 and 16, 40 CFR Part 60, Appendix A, reactive compounds may be lost in the gas dilution system. Also, in Methods 25A and 25B, 40 CFR Part 60, Appendix A, calibration with target compounds other than propane is allowed. In these cases, a laboratory evaluation is required once per year in order to assure the Administrator that the system will dilute these reactive gases without significant loss.

A gas dilution system can provide known values of calibration gases through controlled dilution of high-level calibration gases with an appropriate dilution gas. The instrumental test methods in 40 CFR Part 60 -- e.g., Methods 3A, 6C, 7E, 10, 15, 16, 20, 25A and 25B -- require on-site, multi-point calibration using gases of known concentrations. A gas dilution system that produces known low-level calibration gases from high-level calibration gases, with a degree of confidence similar to that for Protocol1 gases, may be used for compliance tests in lieu of multiple calibration gases when the gas dilution system is demonstrated to meet the requirements of this method. The Administrator may also use a gas dilution system in order to produce a wide range of Cylinder Gas Audit concentrations when conducting performance specifications according to Appendix F, 40 CFR Part 60. As long as the acceptance criteria of this method are met, this method is applicable to gas dilution systems using any type of dilution technology, not solely the ones mentioned in this method.

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