EPA Method 420.1

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EPA Method 420.1:
Phenols by Spectrophotometry. Official Name: Phenolics, Total Recoverable (Spectrophotometric, Manual 4-AAP with Distillation)

Phenolic materials react with 4-aminoantipyrine in the presence of potassium ferricyanide at high pH to form a stable reddish-brown colored antipyrine dye. The amount of color produced is proportional to the concentration of phenolic materials. However the color response of all phenolic compounds is not equivalent, and the results (which are compared against pure phenol standards) represent the minimum concentration of phenolic compounds in the sample.

This method determines phenolic compounds in drinking, surface and saline waters; domestic and industrial wastes.

Methods for the Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes (MCAWW) (EPA/600/4-79/020)

(A) Sulfur compounds: Interferences from sulfur compounds are eliminated by acidifying the sample to pH < 4 with phosphoric acid and aerating briefly by stirring and adding copper sulfate.(B) Oxidizing agents: Oxidizing agents can oxidize phenolics, causing results to be low. Test for the presence of oxidizing agents with potassium iodide strips. If present, remove them when sampling by adding ferrous ammonium sulfate in excess.

QC Requirements:

Maximum Holding Time:
24 hours.



Above 5 ug/L (with extraction and concentration). Above 50 ug/L (with no extraction).

Sample Prep:

Precision and accuracy values were calculated using interlaboratory data from EPA-managed Water Pollution (WP) performance evaluation studies.

To achieve the stated detection limit samples must be extracted with chloroform and concentrated.

Revision Number:
Issued 1971; Editorial Revision 1978

Test Description:
Phenols - Spectropho

Report Number:

Instrument used for this test:

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At least 1 analytes can be tested by ALS - Columbia using EPA Method 420.1. Please contact us for all available analytes which can be tested by EPA Method 420.1.

AnalyteCAS Number
Phenolics, Total RecoverableCASID10045

Examples:  8260

Examples:  Dioxin
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