EPA Method 4670

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EPA Method 4670:

An accurately measured volume of sample (as little as 200 ?L for some testing products) is mixed with a volume of enzyme-atrazine conjugate reagent in a test tube or a microtiter plate that has an anti-atrazine antibody immobilized on the surface, or in a vessel into which particles (magnetic particles for one testing product) with an immobilized antibody on the surface are added. The conjugate "competes" with the atrazine present in the sample for binding to the immobilized anti-atrazine antibody. The mixture is incubated at the temperature and for the length of time described in the manufacturer's instructions. (Testing products may employ other solid-phase support configurations, or even eliminate the solid-phase support. The summary here is intended to be generic and not limit the development of other testing products).

This method describes a procedure using a competitive immunoassay for the quantitative determination in water of triazine herbicides. This method provides a single quantitative result, reported as atrazine, for all triazine herbicide compounds detected. However, the extent to which other triazine herbicides and other compounds are detected may vary between commercial testing products.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 4.4

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