EPA Method 8095

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EPA Method 8095:

Samples are extracted using either the solid-phase extraction techniques provided in Method 3535 (aqueous samples) or the ultrasonic extraction techniques described in Method 8330 (solid samples). Other sample preparation methods may used provided that the analyst demonstrates their applicability for the intended use. No further concentration of the extract is performed unless lower detection limits are needed.

This method may be used to determine the concentrations of various explosives in water and soil using capillary column gas chromatography with an electron capture detector (GC/ECD). The compounds are nitroaromatics, nitramines, and nitrate esters, which are used as explosives, are byproducts of the manufacture of explosives, or are the transformation products of explosives. The method has also been successfully used to determine the commonly found explosives in acetonitrile extracts from soil prepared by the extraction procedure in Method 8330.

Report Number:
SW-846 www

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