EPA Method 8410

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EPA Method 8410:

Prior to using this method, the samples should be prepared for chromatography using the appropriate sample preparation and cleanup methods. This method describes chromatographic conditions that will allow for the separation of the compounds in the extract and uses FT-IR for detection and quantitation of the target analytes.

This method covers the automated identification, or compound class assignment of unidentifiable compounds, of solvent extractable semivolatile organic compounds which are amenable to gas chromatography, by GC/FT-IR. GC/FT-IR can be a useful complement to GC/MS analysis. It is particularly well suited for the identification of specific isomers that are not differentiated using GC/MS. Compound class assignments are made using infrared group absorption frequencies. The presence of an infrared band in the appropriate group frequency region may be taken as evidence of the possible presence of a particular compound class, while its absence may be construed as evidence that the compound class in question is not present. This evidence will be further strengthened by the presence of confirmatory group frequency bands. Identification limits of the following compounds have been demonstrated by this method.

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 4.3.4

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Examples:  Dioxin
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