EPA Method 9056

ALS - Columbia offers EPA Method 9056 testing at these laboratories:

Jacksonville Jacksonville, Florida Laboratory
Kelso Kelso, Washington Laboratory
Rochester Rochester, New York Laboratory
Simi Valley Simi Valley, California Laboratory
Tucson Tucson, Arizona Laboratory

ALS - Columbia offers the following EPA Method 9056 variations:

EPA Method 9056A testing is available at the Kelso Laboratory.
EPA Method 9056A testing is available at the Rochester Laboratory.

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EPA Method 9056:

A small volume of combustate collection solution or other water sample, typically 2 to 3 mL, is injected into an ion chromatograph to flush and fill a constant volume sample loop. The sample is then injected into a stream of carbonate-bicarbonate eluent of the same strength as the collection solution or water sample.

This method addresses the sequential determination of the anions chloride, fluoride, bromide, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, and sulfate in the collection solutions from the bomb combustion of solid waste samples, as well as all water samples.

Test Description:
Inorganic Anions by

Report Number:
SW-846 Ch 5

Instrument used for this test:

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At least 9 analytes can be tested by ALS - Columbia using EPA Method 9056. Please contact us for all available analytes which can be tested by EPA Method 9056.

AnalyteCAS Number
Nitrate as Nitrate14797-55-8
Nitrite as Nitrogen14797-65-0A
Nitrate as Nitrogen14797-55-8A
Nitrite as Nitrite14797-65-0
Orthophosphate as Phosphate14265-44-2

Examples:  8260

Examples:  Dioxin
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