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EPA Method TO-14A:
Determination Of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) In Ambient Air Using Specially Prepared Canisters With Subsequent Analysis By Gas Chromatography

Both subatmospheric pressure and pressurized sampling modes typically use an initially evacuated canister and pump-ventilated sample line during sample collection. Pressurized sampling requires an additional pump to provide positive pressure to the sample canister. A sample of ambient air is drawn through a sampling train comprised of components that regulate the rate and duration of sampling into a pre-evacuated specially prepared passivated canister.

This document describes a procedure for sampling and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambient air. The method was originally based on collection of whole air samples in SUMMA« passivated stainless steel canisters, but has now been generalized to other specially prepared canisters (see Section The VOCs are separated by gas chromatography and measured by a mass spectrometer or by multidetector techniques. This method presents procedures for sampling into canisters to final pressures both above and below atmospheric pressure (respectively referred to as pressurized and subatmospheric pressure sampling).

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