Explosives, Glycol Ethers, & Alcohol Testing

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Explosives: ALS Environmental provides low-level HPLC analyses for 14 explosive compounds, including HMX, TDX, tetryl and the various nitrotoluenes, nitrobenzenes and triazines following EPA Method 8330. We perform a modified Method 8330 to analyze for picric and picramic acid and perform EPA Method 8332 for nitroglycerine and PETN. In addition, ALS Environmental has developed an HPLC method to test for low levels of nitroguanidine.

Glycol Ethers: ALS Environmental tests for glycol ethers including butyl carbitol, a surfactant which is a constituent of de-icing solutions used by major airports.

Alcohols: ALS Environmental analyzes samples for low molecular weight alcohols (methanol, butanol, propanol, etc.) that are used as oxygenates in fuels and in resin manufacturing.

Chemical Testing

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