Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) Sample

The following chart shows basic EDD fields with QC. We actively support over 200 electronic formats for most in-house and national regulatory database systems and can customize to fit your needs. Learn about our services for Electronic Data Deliverables...

Col # Column Title Description
1 Client Client name as it appears on the chain of custody.
2 Project Project name and number as it appears on the c.o.c.
3 Service Request Lab. Service Request number
4 Sample Client Sample ID
5 Lab Code Lab. Sample ID
6 Sample Type i.e. SMPL, MS, DMS, DUP, LCS, DLCS
7 Date Collected Date sample was collected (mm/dd/yyyy)
8 Date Received Date sample was received by lab (mm/dd/yyyy)
9 Date Extracted Date sample was extracted/preped (mm/dd/yyyy)
10 Date Analyzed Date sample was analyzed (mm/dd/yyyy)
11 Extraction Method Extraction or prep method code
12 Method Analysis method code
13 Matrix Sample matrix
14 Basis Dry, Wet, NA
15 Units Unit of measure for result
16 Component Compound or Analyte name
17 Dilution Factor Factor of dilution i.e. for a 10:1 dilution, the dilution factor is 10
18 Reporting Limit Method Reorting Limit  i.e. MRL, PQL
19 Detection Limit Method Detection Limit  i.e. MDL, IDL
20 Result Concentration of component found in sample
21 Result Notes Qualifiers and footnote flags
22 Spike Concentration Concentration of spike compound (spike conc)
23 Percent Recovery Percent amount recovered
24 Acceptance Limits Upper and Lower acceptance limits
25 Average  
26 RPD Relative Percent Difference
27 Retention Time For TICs
28 Regulatory Limit For TICs


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