Hydrogen Sulfide

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CAS 7783-06-4 - Hydrogen Sulfide

Analyte:  Hydrogen Sulfide

Abbreviation:  H2S

CAS Number or ID:  7783-06-4

Department:  Air

EC Number (EINECS):  7783-06-4

Synonyms:  Dihydrogen monosulfide;Dihydrogen sulfide;Hydrosulfuric acid;Stink damp;Sulfur hydride;Sulfureted hydrogen;H2S;Sulfuretted hydrogen;Hydrogen-sulphide-;Hydrogen sulfide (H2S);Acide sulfhydrique;Hydrogene sulfure;Idrogeno solforato;Rcra waste number U135;Schwefelwasserstoff;Siarkowodor;UN 1053;Zwavelwaterstof;Hepatic gas;Hepatic acid;Hydrogen monosulfide;Sewer gas;Sour gas;Sulfur hydroxide

Chemical Formula:  H2S

Apearance:  colourless gas with strong odour of rotten eggs (odour threshold ca 0.2 ppt)

Melting Point:  -85 C

Boiling Point:  -60 C

Vapor Density:  1.19

Vapor Pressure:  [Typical cylinder pr

Flash Point:  -82 C

Explosion Limits:  4.3 % - 46 %

Auto Ignition:  260 C

Stability:  Stable. Highly flammable. May form explosive mixture with air. Note wide explosive limits. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, many metals. May react violently with metal oxides, copper, fluorine, sodium, ethanal.Analytical testing dots

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