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The ALS laboratory in Kelso, Washington, is the largest facility in the network. With more than 57,500 square feet of laboratory and support staff space, Kelso's highly trained personnel enable this facility to provide enhanced testing services. Complex projects requiring the analysis of large numbers of samples, difficult matrices, and low levels of detection are routinely processed in the Kelso laboratory.


Kelso Laboratory - Soxhlet ExtractionsAmong the specialized procedures performed at the Kelso laboratory are techniques that allow the ultra-trace determination of various constituents in difficult sample matrices. Investments have been made to develop systems for the preparation and analysis of sediment and tissue (i.e., plant and animal), as well as routine aqueous and soil samples. Much of the analytical chemistry performed at the Kelso laboratory is in direct support of risk-based studies where routine environmental procedures are often insufficient to meet the project objectives.

Kelso's dedicated drinking water laboratory was developed in order to serve the growing need for clean water and the associated testing required to verify purity. We have been performing drinking water testing for inorganic and volatile organic compounds since 1989. The expansion into full service testing, including all of the regulated and unregulated compounds of concern, allows Kelso to support clients nationwide.

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Testing Services

The size of the laboratory, combined with its equipment and highly trained personnel allow this facility to provide enhanced analytical services, with specialties in the following areas:

  • Marine and freshwater sediments, waters and tissues
  • Ultra low level analyses
  • Full service drinking water testing
  • Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical testing which is fully cGMP compliant
  • Specialized sample preparation and ultra-trace analyses including the following:

    • alkylated homologs
    • GC/ECD analysis for individual PCB congeners
    • isotope dilution for volatile and semivolatile organics
    • ultra-trace organotin speciation
    • pore water sample preparations and analyses
    • clean room techniques for ultra-trace metals
    • advanced chemical separations for ultra-trace metals
    • purge and trap atomic fluorescence for ultra-trace mercury
    • specialized inorganic testing (e.g., chromium reducible sulfur, microbially reducible iron, etc.)
    • explosives testing
    • numerous other procedures which have been developed for specific applications and projects

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Advanced Analytical Services

Kelso Laboratory - GC InstrumentsALS' Kelso location specializes in new target analytes in complex matrices and complex analyses requiring a high degree of technical expertise. These special capabilities have allowed our Kelso laboratory to take part in a number of method development studies for both the U.S. EPA and various state and industrial agencies. They have also held a number of direct EPA contracts under the U.S. EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP). Services are provided to a number of other federal government entities including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), Navy and Air Force.

A few of the more advanced environmental analytical techniques employed at ALS Environmental in Kelso include:

  • Specialized sample preparation
  • Ultra-trace PAHs and alkylated homologs analyses
  • GC/ECD analysis for individual PCB congeners
  • Isotope dilution for volatile and semivolatile organics
  • Ultra-trace organotin speciation
  • Pore water sample preparations and analyses
  • Clean room techniques for ultra-trace metals
  • Advanced chemical separations for ultra-trace metals
  • Purge and trap atomic fluorescence for ultra-trace mercury
  • Specialized inorganic testing (e.g., chromium reducible sulfur microbially reducible iron, etc.)
  • Explosives testing

The Kelso laboratory can perform low-level tests for endocrine disrupting compounds, as well as pharmaceutical and personal care product residues such as:

  • Steroids
  • Stimulants
  • Antibiotics
  • Antimicrobials
  • Prescription and non-prescription drugs
  • Insecticides
  • Detergents
  • Plasticizers
  • Fire retardants

The ALS Kelso facility is also FDA-registered and provides the following services to the pharmaceutical and neutraceutical industries: monograph testing, process validation and engineering studies, analytical support for stability testing, and method development and validation.

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Kelso LaboratoryContact Information

1317 S. 13th Avenue
Kelso, WA 98626
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+1 360 577 7222
+1 360 636 1068 (fax)

Sample Receiving Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm, Saturday: 8am - 12pm (noon)

*Please contact us at +1 360 501 3342 for requests outside of these hours
*Regular courier service available in the greater Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro area on weekdays. PDX airport pickup available. Please contact us for any special requests.

Jeff Grindstaff, Laboratory Director
Howard Boorse, Senior Chemist, NW Business Development
Todd Poyfair, Technical Sales Representative
Kurt Clarkson, Client Services Manager Analytical testing dots

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