Laboratory Testing for Manufactured Gas Plants

Analytical testing dots Laboratory Testing for Manufactured Gas Plants

ALS Environmental is well-positioned to support your projects at former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites with analyses such as EPA TO-15 and EPA TO-17 for volatile organic compounds, including naphthalene, and EPA TO-13A for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

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Air Testing Services

To help you meet your project’s data quality objectives, we offer: 

  • MGP - testing from summa canisterNaphthalene on our standard EPA TO-15 compound list. Naphthalene has been shown to be stable in canisters even at low concentrations for up to 30 days. View naphthalene stability data (PDF).
  • Standard reporting limits between 0.50-5.0 µg/m3 for target VOCs including naphthalene, and down to 0.10-0.20 µg/m3 for selected compounds.
  • EPA TO-15 equipment segregated by sampling application, which provides added confidence in getting the highest data quality when performing low-level investigations. Learn more about the importance of sampling media cleanliness.
  • Individually certified canisters upon request.
  • State, NELAC, and DoD accreditation.
  • Exceptional technical client service and assistance.
  • Competitive pricing.

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TO-15 vs. TO-13A: Naphthalene

Testing for Manufactured Gas PlantsNaphthalene is a contaminant of concern at former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) and other property redevelopment sites across the country. A major component of coal tar waste and a possible human carcinogen (EPA Group C), naphthalene is a chemical that may adversely affect human health at remediation sites. Due to its boiling point and vapor pressure, naphthalene can exhibit both volatile and semi-volatile characteristics; the question is how to properly measure naphthalene in ambient air?


More than 100 data points were evaluated from MGP sites. This data was also presented at MGP USA 2008. Read the complete Naphthalene Air Sampling from Manufactured Gas Plants study.

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