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CAS 74-82-8 - Methane

Analyte:  Methane

Alternate Name:  MA

Abbreviation:  CH4

CAS Number or ID:  74-82-8

Department:  Air

EC Number (EINECS):  74-82-8

Synonyms:  Marsh gas;Methyl hydride;CH4;Fire damp;UN 1971;UN 1972;R 50;Biogas

Chemical Formula:  CH4

Apearance:  colourless odourless gas

Melting Point:  -182 C

Boiling Point:  -164 C

Flash Point:  -221 C

Explosion Limits:  5 - 15%

Auto Ignition:  537 C

Water Solubility:  slight (35 ml/l at 2

Stability:  Stable. Extremely flammable - note low flash point; mixtures with air constitute an explosion hazard. Reacts violently with interhalogens. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, halogens, interhalogens, oxygen.Analytical testing dots

Laboratory tests that may be available by ALS - Columbia for Methane (CAS # 74-82-8):

EPA MethodTest NameMatrixMRLInstrument
RSK 175Dissolved Gases by GC/FIDLiquid2 GC

More analytical test methods may be available for Methane. Please contact us for the latest available analytes and methods.

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