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Second List of Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals Published

November 30th, 2010

Endocrine Disruptor ChemicalsIn November 2010, the EPA published a second list of chemicals for the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP). New to this list were those pesticides identified by the FDA and priority pollutants under the Safe Drinking Water Act that did not appear on the first list.

The second list includes a large number of pesticides, two perfluorocarbon compounds (PFCs), and three pharmaceuticals (erythromycin, nitroglycerin, and quinoline). This list also consists of an array of chemicals, ranging from those used for industrial manufacturing processes, as plasticizers, or in the production of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs).

As part of their announcement the EPA released draft policies and procedures to follow to order testing, minimize duplicative testing, promote equitable cost-sharing and to address issues that are unique to chemicals regulated under the SDWA.

The EPA will be accepting comments and/or additional information regarding this action until December 17th, 2010. Although the EPA will not be responding formally to any comments received, they state that they will take all information received into account before they issue the final program list and publish the Schedule for Issuance of Orders.

To view the complete endocrine disruptor chemical list, visit:

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