Odor & Landfill Services

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Ammonia Testing

Airborne ammonia may be prevalent at landfill sites.

  • Reduced Sulfur Compounds via ASTM D5504
  • Amines via ALS Environmental Method 101
  • Carboxylic Acids via ALS EnvironmentalMethod 102
  • Speciated VOCs via EPA TO-15 and/or EPA TO-17
  • Methane/Total Gaseous Non-Methane Hydrocarbons via EPA 25C
  • Fixed Gases via EPA 3C
  • BTU Heat Content / CHONS via ASTM D3588


ALS Environmental is a certified analytical laboratory, providing analytical testing of air samples collected from landfills, including odorous compounds. Please contact us to discuss your project and for a quick quote.

Analytical testing dots

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