Passive Diffusion Sampling

Passive diffusion samplers are used to collect water samples from groundwater aquifers for analysis of specific chemical compounds. The samplers are hung from a cable and placed in monitoring wells at the well screen for periods of at least 14 days, or until equilibrium has taken place between the water in the sampler and surrounding groundwater. They operate by diffusion of contaminants across a polyethylene membrane. No purging or disposal of purge water is necessary, which can dramatically reduce field sampling costs. The passive diffusion samplers act as a filter, so field filtering is not necessary. In fact, passive diffusion bags (PDBs) will block potassium permanganate from samples for sites using it in their remediation processes. Analytical testing dots

PDB Bags RPP Samplers Passive Diffusion Weights and Accessories

PDB Samplers

  • Samples volatile organics
  • Available in both pre-filled and unfilled versions
  • Simple to deploy
  • Eliminates the collection and disposal of purged water
  • Significantly reduces the cost of sampling

$25.00 and up

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RPP Samplers

  • Samples all water soluble analytes
  • Ideal for long-term groundwater monitoring
  • Well fields in porous/permeable formations with good groundwater recovery
  • Useful in deep wells where submersible pumps may not function

$65 each

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Weights & Accessories

  • Stainless steel, rust-proof
  • Top quality parts made in the United States

$16.00 and up

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ALS Environmental is a licensed manufacturer of passive diffusion samplers. We actively participate in the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) and have been instrumental in technological and regulatory advancements in this field.

ALS Environmental also provides air quality sampling equipment and media for lease or purchase. More information can be found in our air quality testing and consulting service section.

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