Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCP) Testing

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ALS Environmental offers the analysis of a select list of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs), and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs). Every day millions of gallons of treated and un-treated sewage are discharged into the waterways of the world. This sewage contains varying concentrations of pharmaceuticals and personal care products including prescription and 'over the counter' medications, nutraceuticals, detergents, perfumes, insect repellent and steroids.

Recent studies have shown that many of these compounds at low concentrations can have negative effects on the endocrine systems of aquatic organisms. These compounds are collectively known as EDCs. Other concerns regarding PPCPs include contamination of drinking water, estrogenic effects on humans and wildlife, and development of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Due to their chemical nature, many of these compounds are not amenable to standard instrumental analysis for organic compounds, such as gas chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy.

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Analytical Methods

ALS Environmental has developed analytical methods for these compounds using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy/Mass Spectroscopy (LC/MS/MS).

These methods allow for the analysis of a broad array of PPCPs and EDCs with detection limits in low ng/L levels. ALS Environmental has compiled a target list of PPCPs from a diverse group of pharmaceuticals, personal care products, pesticides and steroids. The following table lists these target analytes along with their achievable Method Reporting Limit (MRL) and the intended application.


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