Polyethylene (polythene) - CAS # 9002-88-4

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CAS 9002-88-4 -

Chemical Name:  Polyethylene (polythene)

CAS Number:  9002-88-4

Synonyms:  Ethene, homopolymer;AC 8;AC 394;AC 680;AC 1220;AC GA;ACP 6;Acroart;Agilene;Alathon;Alathon 14;Alathon 15;Alathon 1560;Alathon 6600;Alathon 7026;Alathon 7040;Alathon 7050;Alathon 7140;Alathon 7511;Alathon 5B;Alathon 71xhn;Alcowax 6;Aldyl A;Alithon 7050;Alkathene;Alkathene 17/04/00;Alkathene 22 300;Alkathene 200;Alkathene arn 60;Alkathene wjg 11;Alkathene wng 14;Alkathene xdg 33;Alkathene xjk 25;Allied pe 617;Alphex fit 221;Ambythene;Amoco 610A4;A

Appearance:  solid; appearance depends upon method of forming;

Melting Point:  130 - 145 C, dependi

Flash Point:  221 C

Stability:  Stable, but breaks down slowly in uv light or sunlight. Incompatible with halogens, strong oxidizing agents, benzene, petroleum ether, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, lubricating oils.

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