Poly(vinyl alcohol) - CAS # 9002-89-5

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CAS 9002-89-5 -

Chemical Name:  Poly(vinyl alcohol)

CAS Number:  9002-89-5

Synonyms:  Alcotex 17F-H;Alcotex 88/05;Alcotex 88/10;Alcotex 99/10;Alkotex;Alvyl;Aracet APV;Cipoviol W 72;Covol;Covol 971;Elvanol;Elvanol T 25;Elvanol 50-42;Elvanol 51-05G;Elvanol 5105;Elvanol 52-22;Elvanol 52-22G;Elvanol 522-22;Elvanol 70-05;Elvanol 71-30;Elvanol 73125G;Elvanol 90-50;Enbra OV;Ethenol, homopolymer;EP 160;FH 1500;Gelvatol;Gelvatol 1-30;Gelvatol 1-60;Gelvatol 1-90;Gelvatol 20-30;Gelvatol 2060;Gelvatol 2090;Gelvatol 3-91;Gohsenol;Gohsenol AH 2

Appearance:  white or cream solid

Melting Point:  ca. 200 C (decompose

Flash Point:  79 C (closed cup)

Water Solubility:  appreciable

Stability:  Stable. Combustible. Dust may form explosive mixtures with air. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

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