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Columbia Analytical Implements Lower Reporting Limits for Dioxin and Furan Methods

For Immediate Release
June 21, 2011
Contact: Michael Cosson, 713.266.1599

Houston, Texas – Columbia Analytical announces that they can now achieve reporting limits five times lower than those set by EPA HRGC/HRMS methods 1613B, TO-9A, and 23, which analyze for dioxins and furans.

Columbia Analytical achieved these lower calibration limits because of the sensitivity of their AutoSpecPremier Mass Spectrometers, as well as because of the experience and technical expertise of their HRGC/HRMS operators. “The instrument calibration at Columbia Analytical is linear over a wider range of concentrations,” stated Michael Cosson, Columbia Analytical Client Services Manager, “resulting in more precise and reliable data than available with previous limits.”

Columbia Analytical has also attained some of the lowest estimated detection limits (EDLs) in the industry. While the Method Reporting Limit (MRL) is determined by the instrument’s initial calibration range, the EDL is the lowest detectable level specific to each analyte and sample. The EDL is calculated for each analyte by measuring the height of the noise and the signal height of the associated labeled standard.

Their new seven-point calibration, which includes an extra lowest point and an extra highest point, results in a calibration range extending five times lower and higher than typical limits for each method.

“We are incredibly excited to offer these new reporting limits. Our ability to determine analytes at such low levels will be a great benefit to our clients,” stated Cosson, “Clients are encouraged to ask their Project Managers for these new limits when setting up their projects.”

Columbia Analytical Services, Inc., headquartered in Kelso, Wash., provides a wide variety of analytical laboratory services including those in aerospace, automotive, engineering, government, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, transportation, utilities, and waste management industries.

Columbia Analytical will be hosting a webinar explaining the different reporting limits used in HRGC/HRMS testing, including an in-depth look at how estimated detection limits (EDLs) are calculated, on July 27th at 10 a.m. CST. For more information on the new MRLs or to register for their webinar, contact Columbia Analytical at 713.266.1599 or visit their website at

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