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Joint Industry Guide (JIG) - 101 Compliance

ALS Environmental’s laboratory in Singapore is currently able to provide analytical support for compliance with the April 2005 document from the Joint Industry Guide (JIG), “Material Composition Declaration for Electronics Products”, JIG-101.

Contact the ALS Environmental Singapore location:

ALS Environmental - Singapore
14 Little Road, #07-01 & #08-01,
Tropical Industrial Building
Singapore, Singapore

+65 6283 9268

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2 Responses to “Joint Industry Guide (JIG) - 101 Compliance”

  1. Greg Wilkins Says:

    How would you go about assessing an entire electronic assembly or product for the JIG-101 substances.

  2. Ed Wallace Says:


    According to the definitions in Section 5 of JIG 101, you can test the entire assembly as one sample. It may make sense to remove certain components and test them on their own, but this not necessary. Your assembly needs to be ground to at least 10 mm particles prior to beginning analysis. If you have access to a hammermill, that would be best. We can attack your assembly with bolt cutters and wire cutters to reduce the particle size. Then we would digest or extract you material and test it for the substances with Threshold Levels in Annex A and B except for Polyvinyl Chloride. We also only do a few of the CFCs and HCFCs.

    Let me know if you need anything else.


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