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New HRMS Instruments Provide Lower Detection Limits

Columbia Analytical Services is pleased to announce that our Houston laboratory has recently installed two new Waters Micromass AutoSpec-Ultima high resolution mass spectrometers. These instruments are considered to be the optimal choice for ultra low-level trace detection applications such as the analysis of dioxins, furans, PCB congeners and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). Our detection limits are now running 10 - 100 times lower than with the older instruments and are among the lowest in the industry.

CAS/Houston, Texas is a laboratory dedicated to dioxin and related analyses with fi ve high resolution gas chromatographs/high resolution mass spectrometers (HRGC/HRMS). This increase in capacity allows us to provide quality analytical results within a competitive timeframe.

Houston performs high resolution analyses on a wide variety of sample matrices: sediments, animal/marine tissues, paper, incinerator ash, soil, waste water, drinking water, solid waste, food products, food additives, PUF cartridges, XAD resins/fi lters, household dust, and wipe samples. Methodologies employed by CAS/Houston include: EPA 8290, EPA 8280A, EPA 1668 (PCB congeners), EPA 1613B, EPA TO-9 (ambient air), and EPA 23 (stack testing). Technical consulting on dioxin and other recalcitrant compounds is also available.

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