Quality Assurance

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ALS Environmental's comprehensive quality assurance and ethics programs ensure that the data produced by our laboratories will be of known quality, scientifically sound, legally defensible and accurately documented. We require compliance with our written quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) protocols. Each activity in the analytical process critical in the production of quality data follows written procedures, including sampling, analysis, data review, report preparation, and report delivery.

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QA/QC Program

Quality AssuranceALS Environmental maintains a comprehensive QA/QC program at each of our laboratories, which are described in laboratory-specific quality assurance manuals (QAM). Each QAM meets the requirements of various QA/QC programs under which that laboratory is certified. For instance, each laboratory QAM meets the program requirements of NELAC for NELAP accreditation, various Department of Defense entities (Air Force, Navy, Army Corps of Engineers, etc.) as well as the different state programs and various client programs under which it is certified. Our enhanced QA/QC system includes:

  • Comprehensive data checklists
  • Extensive data and electronic tape audits
  • Before and after manual integration documentation
  • Detailed integration SOPs and calibration policies
  • Independent external audits, all of which complement a strong ethics program to eliminate technical risks and provide documented high quality data
  • QA system and our ethics program audited and reviewed by the US EPA

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Ethics Program

We are proud of our unprecedented network-wide ethics program. This program was developed in order to ensure procedures were implemented to assure the highest level of integrity from our employees. Our program has been used as a model for a nationwide ACIL ethics training program and includes the following:

  • A company-wide proper practices program
  • Extensive, mandatory eight-hour ethics training session
  • Mandatory ethics refresher courses for every employee from the bench level employee to the CEO
  • Signed data integrity statements by all employees each year
  • Open door policy, ombudsman program and zero tolerance policy
  • Our Chief Quality Officer and Ethics Officer report directly to the Board of Directors
  • Membership to the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association and the Institute for Global Ethics

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