Rigid Porous Polyethylene (RPP) Samplers

Analytical testing dots RPP Sampler

RPP Samplers

  • Samples all water soluble analytes, such as Perchlorate, 1,4-dioxane, Inorganic anions and cations, Metals, MEE parameters, MTBE, Hexavalent chromium, Explosives, Dissolved gases
  • Long term groundwater monitoring situations, especially when purged water must be collected and disposed of off-site
  • Well fields in porous/permeable formations with good groundwater recovery
  • Very useful in deep wells where submersible pumps may not function

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Analytical testing dots

How RPP Samplers Work

Deployment of Rigid Porous Polyethylene Samplers

RPPs are made of thin sheets of foam-like porous polyethylene with pore sizes of 6-20 microns. When completely filled with water the pores allow a water-water interface, facilitating the equilibrium of water-soluble analytes in the aquifer adjacent to the well screen with the deionized water of the RPP. Like the majority of passive samplers, it is recommended that they remain deployed for a minimum of 14 days, though the analytes of interest may equilibrate sooner.

The RPPs are deployed with the white plug end down (the red cap is up) and are kept in this position until the contents are placed into sample bottles for transport to the laboratory. This is to avoid leakage from the pores of the sampler.

RPPs were invented by Don Vroblesky, Ph.D., of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The RPPs are approximately 6" long with an outside diameter of 1.5". It holds approximately 100 mL.

Analytical testing dots
Rigid Porous Polyethylene Samplers (RPP) PRICE, each
rpp sampler (6" length, 1.5" diameter, 100 ml) $65.00
Analytical testing dots

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ALS Environmental is a licensed manufacturer of passive diffusion samplers. We actively participate in the Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) and have been instrumental in technological and regulatory advancements in this field.

RPP SamplerALS Environmental also provides air quality sampling equipment and media for lease or purchase. More information can be found in our air quality testing and consulting service section.

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