PBDE and PBB Extraction for RoHS/WEEE Compliance Testing

Analytical testing dots RoHS/WEEE PDBE PBB Extraction

The solvent extraction procedure for PBDEs and PBBs is relatively simple. Hexane is the extraction solvent. Since fairly small sample masses are common, micro-extractions are generally required. In some cases, as little as 1-2 mg of sample is available, so the extraction is done in an auto-sampler vial prior to instrumental analysis. In all cases, isotopic labeled surrogates and internal standards are added. Two labeled PBDEs are used as surrogates (i.e. C13-Congeners 47 and 49). The internal standard is C13-Congener 118. The same surrogates and internal standards are used for both PBDE and PBB determinations.

Analytical testing dots