Slurry and Resin Testing for PVC Manufacturers

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Lab Analysis for PVC Section 114

ALS Environmental offers analytical support in response to the EPA’s PVC Section 114 letter announcing the Information Collection Rule (ICR) air emissions study. Compounds of interest for this study are found on the EPA’s 188 compound Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) list.

PVC manufacturers must analyze a composite of their solid or slurry resin product for compounds on the HAPs air list daily over the course of 30 days. Any compound in the manufacturer’s product or process that also exists on the HAPs list may need to be tested.

ManufacturingTesting for air emission compounds on a solid matrix is problematic as many of the compounds do not appear in the traditional SW 846 8000 series of methods. Therefore, method development is likely to be required. ALS Environmental is committed to developing special test mix standards to meet PVC manufacturer’s analytical needs under Section 114.

ALS Environmental is collaborating with applicable EPA offices to determine optimal ways to analyze the non-traditional compounds that manufacturers are asked to test. Many PVC manufacturers are being asked to test for methanol. Our chemists are experts in methanol testing with more than 15 years of experience in analyzing HAPs for MACT compliance using standard testing procedures. We also perform:

  • NCASI 94.03 for methanol
  • NCASI 99.01 for acetaldehyde, methanol, methylethylketone (MEK) and propionaldehyde
  • NCASI  99.02 for the short HAPs list of acrolein, acetaldehyde, methanol, phenol and propionaldehyde or the full HAPs 99.02 list

These methods, along with EPA Method TO 15, have been accepted by the EPA as alternatives to the 8000 series tests listed in the CAA PVC Section 114 ICR survey requirements. The NCASI methods offer more flexibility than the EPA methods (such as EPA 8015), giving the laboratory the opportunity to fine tune the chromatography to produce better results.

We also offer formaldehyde testing by EPA 8315, hydroquinone testing by EPA 8270C and Dioxins/Furans by EPA 8290.

Contact us online for more information on testing related to the PVC Section 114 letter.

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