Sulfuric acid (concentrated) - CAS # 7664-93-9

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CAS 7664-93-9 - Sulfuric Acid

Chemical Name:  Sulfuric acid (concentrated)

Chemical Formula:  H2O4S

CAS Number:  7664-93-9

EC Number (EINECS):  231-639-5

Synonyms:  H2SO4;Dipping acid;Hydrogen sulfate;Oil of vitriol;Sulphuric acid;Acide sulfurique;Acido solforico;BOV;Matting acid;Nordhausen acid;Spent sulfuric acid;Sulfuric acid, spent;Schwefelsaeureloesungen;UN 1830;UN 1832;UN 2796;Vitriol brown oil;Vitriol, oil of;Zwavelzuuroplossingen;O2S(OH)2;Hydgogen sulfate;Battery acid;Electrolyte acid;Inorganic acid;Spirit of alum;Spirit of vitriol

Appearance:  Colourless oily liquid

Melting Point:  -2 C

Boiling Point:  327 C

Vapor Pressure:  <0.3 mm Hg at 20 C (

Water Solubility:  miscible in all prop

Stability:  Stable, but reacts with moisture very exothermically, which may enhance its ability to act as an oxidizing agent. Substances to be avoided include water, most common metals, organic materials, strong reducing agents, combustible materials, bases, oxidising agents. Reacts violently with water - when diluting concentrated acid, carefully and slo

Molecular Weight:  98.079

Alternate Names:  Sulfuric Acid | H2SO4

Department:  Wet

Related Hazardous Material Name:  Hydrofluoric acid and Sulfuric acid mixture

Emergency Response Guide Number:  157

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