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Analytical testing dots

Diffusion Sampling for Ambient Air and other Low Level Applications

A popular, easy-to-use option for the evaluation of workplace exposures to airborne contaminants is introduced.

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Analytical testing dots

Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers by LVI-GC/MS-SIM

Brominated flame-retardants have gained increased attention as an Emergent Chemical of concern because of its persistence in the environment, potential for bioaccumulation, and toxicity. In its commitment to technical innovation, ALS Environmental's Kelso laboratory is focused on developing methodologies to analyze these new target compounds.

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Ultra-Trace Metals Determination using Reductive Precipatation and ICP-MS

ALS Environmental continues the development of analytical techniques for pre-concentration and chemical separation of trace metals in saline aqueous samples using reductive precipitation followed by ICP/MS.

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Analytical testing dots