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Boron is a chemical element with atomic number 5 and the chemical symbol B. Boron is a trivalent nonmetallic element which occurs abundantly in the evaporite ores borax and ulexite. Boron is never found as a free element in nature.

Several allotropes of boron exist; amorphous boron is a brown powder, though crystalline boron is black, hard (9.3 on Mohs' scale), and a weak conductor at room temperature. Elemental boron is used as a dopant in the semiconductor industry, while boron compounds play important roles as light structural materials, nontoxic insecticides and preservatives, and reagents for chemical synthesis.


Atomic number:   5
Symbol:   B
Atomic weight:   10.811
Boiling Point (C):   --
Melting Point (C):   2030
Density:   2.34
heatVapor:   128
heatFusion:   5.3
Electrical Conductivity:   1e-12
Thermal Conductivity:   --
Specific Heat Capacity:   .309


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