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Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. It is a light, strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant (including to sea water and chlorine) transition metal with a grayish color. Titanium can be alloyed with iron, aluminium, vanadium, molybdenum, among other elements, to produce strong lightweight alloys for aerospace (jet engines, missiles, and spacecraft), military, industrial process (chemicals and petro-chemicals, desalination plants, pulp and paper), automotive, agri-food, medical (prostheses, orthopaedic implants, dental implants), sporting goods, jewelry, and other applications.


Atomic number:   22
Symbol:   Ti
Atomic weight:   47.9
Boiling Point (C):   3260
Melting Point (C):   1668
Density:   4.51
heatVapor:   106.5
heatFusion:   3.7
Electrical Conductivity:   0.024
Thermal Conductivity:   --
Specific Heat Capacity:   .126


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Analytical testing dots

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