Tin (IV) chloride - CAS # 7646-78-8

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CAS 7646-78-8 -

Chemical Name:  Tin (IV) chloride

Chemical Formula:  Cl4Sn

CAS Number:  7646-78-8

EC Number (EINECS):  231-588-9

Synonyms:  Tin(IV) chloride;SnCl4;Stannic chloride;Stannane, tetrachloro-;Etain (tetrachlorure d');Libavius Fuming spirit;Stagno (tetracloruro di);Stannic chloride, anhydrous;Stannic tetrachloride;Tetrachlorostannane;Tetrachlorotin;Tin chloride (SnCl4);Tin chloride, fuming;Tin perchloride;Tin tetrachloride, anhydrous;Tin(iv) chloride (1:4);Tin(IV) tetrachloride;Etain;Stagno;TIN CHLORIDE;UN 1827;Zinntetrachlorid;Anhydrous tin tetrachloride;Fascat 4400;Libavi

Appearance:  colourless liquid

Melting Point:  -33 C

Boiling Point:  114 C

Vapor Density:  9 (air = 1)

Vapor Pressure:  20 mm Hg at 22C

Stability:  Stability Stable, but may decompose upon exposure to moist air or water. Incompatible with strong bases, alcohols.

Molecular Weight:  260.521

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