Vinyl acetate - CAS # 108-05-4

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CAS 108-05-4 - Vinyl Acetate

Chemical Name:  Vinyl acetate

Chemical Formula:  C4H6O2

CAS Number:  108-05-4

Synonyms:  Acetic acid vinyl ester;Vinyl acetate;Vinyl A monomer;VyAc;1-Acetoxyethylene;CH3CO2CH=CH2;Ethenyl acetate;Ethenyl ethanoate;Acetate de vinyle;Ethanoic acid, ethenyl ester;Octan winylu;Vinile(acetato di);Vinyl acetate h.q.;Vinyl ethanoate;Vinylacetaat;Vinylacetat;Vinyle(acetate de);Zeset T;Acetic acid, ethylene ether;UN 1301;VAC;Vinile;Vinyle;Vinylester kyseliny octove;Vinyl ester of acetic acid;Everflex 81L;Plyamul 40305-00;Unocal 76 Res 6206;Uno

Appearance:  colourless mobile liquid with a sweet, irritating odour

Melting Point:  -100 C

Boiling Point:  72 C

Vapor Pressure:  100 mm Hg at 22 C

Flash Point:  -8 C (open cup)

Explosion Limits:  2.6% - 14%

Auto Ignition:  385 C

Stability:  Stable. Highly flammable. Incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents, peroxides, chlorosulfonic acid, ethylene imine, hydrochloric acid, oleum, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, 2-aminoethanol, light. Susceptible to polymerization; commercial product may be stabilized by the addition of hydroquinone.

Molecular Weight:  86.0892

Alternate Names:  Vinyl Acetate | VA

Department:  Organics

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