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Support for the Waste-to-Energy Industry

ALS Environmental's waste-to-energy analytical support services are provided to a variety of organizations, including industries, municipalities, consultants, and university and government research labs around the country. Waste-to-energy technologies are increasingly looked upon as a means to produce inexpensive electricity, syngas, or ethanol, using materials that would normally end up in a landfill. Additional benefits of waste-to-energy technology are reduced air emissions and greenhouse gases, recycling of metals from the ash, and reduced demand for landfill space.

Waste-to-energy is the process of converting municipal solid waste and other forms of waste by-products (after going through recycling) into electricity, steam heat, syngas, or ethanol. Generally this is done through thermal methods including combustion or incineration, gasification, depolymerization, pyrolysis, and plasma arc gasification. Waste-to-energy can also use non-thermal methods including anaerobic digestion, fermentation, and mechanical biological treament.

Our capabilities include analyzing waste using a variety of ASTM and EPA methods:

  • Proximate Analysis (Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter, and Fixed Carbon)
  • Ultimate Analysis (CHNOS)
  • Total Halogens (Br, CL, F)
  • Heavy Metals in the MSW and Ash
  • Low Level Sulfur and Chlorine in Liquid Fuels by XRF-EDS
  • Degradable Organic Content (DOC) by SM 2540G

We have extensive experience working with difficult matrices and unusual waste streams that require specialized sample preparation procedures.

Complete testing package, including environmental analyses also available:

  • Dioxins by High Resolution GC/MS
  • Syngas and Landfill Gas Analyses
  • PCBs plus Volatile and Semi-volatile Organic Compounds by GC and GC/MS
  • TCLP and SPLP Extractable Metals and Organic Compounds

Analytical testing dots

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